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Grove Family

Most of the current Grove families related to this tree live in Canada, although a branch was replanted in England in the 1870's.

Oral traditions can often obscure the facts as much as help them. I've attempted to include all available information while pointing out areas that are weakly supported by factual evidence.

The design of this crest, for example is based on the descriptions passed down through generations but has not been confirmed. The family has always referred to an estate aptly named 'The Woodlands' as being the original home of John James Grove in England and that a crest similar to this would have been associated with the estate. No evidence however has come forward to validate the crest or the estate as yet. Recently (September 2006), a reader from Australia with an interest in the Grove family forwarded the following description of a family crest reportedly written in a family history dating from the 1800s:

"Arms -- Quarterly, 1st and 4th arg., a chev. engr. gu. between three stocks of trees eradicated ppr., for GROVE; 2nd and 3rd arg., on a chev., between three martlets gu., three mullets, or, for BAYLEY. Crest of GROVE -- A mount, thereon a dragon, wings elevated vert, collared and chain reflexed over the back, and charged on the shoulder with an estoile or. Motto -- Laudo manentem"

Abbreviations: arg = silver, chev = chevron, engr = engrailed (wavy), ppr = proper (I guess that means upright), gu = gules (a red colour), vert = green.

A martlet is a bird, a mullet is a five-pointed star, an estoile is a 6-8 pointed star.

As you can see, the description is almost a perfect fit; however, this means that the crest to the right may not be related to the Canadian Grove line - unless we can ever show a connection to the Bayley's of the 1700s (another e-mail suggests the marriage took place in 1702 between a William Grove and a Mary Bayley). Evidence confidence: Confident crest relates to Bayley-Grove line and suspect there is no connection to this family.

In the oral traditions we've also heard of an island in the caribbean where William Grove (one of John's sons) ran a plantation which he named 'The Woodlands' as well. The closest evidence we have to this is that William did maintain a residence in the caribbean... more specifically, in Cienfuegos, Cuba. However, we don't have any further evidence regarding the nature of that residence, nor the nature of his business in the caribbean. Evidence confidence: Confident in newspaper obituary stating William's residence in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Confident there is no evidence in support of the island plantation. 

One tradition which has been convincingly proven false was that William owned the ships which he travelled on. William certainly had spent a lot of time sailing between Cuba, New York, and Nova Scotia, but any of the ships he travelled on that were named have proven to be owned by commercial steamship lines. Evidence confidence: Confident in available records that list William as a Merchant aboard ships.

Sadly, one journal that had surfaced for a few years that documented a lot of the Grove family history has been lost in recent years. The journal was written by someone living in New York during the 1850's to 1865, and listed all the birthdates of the related Grove family members at that time. It was filled with casual references to major events that took place during those years in the U.S. as well as daily temperature readings, and the comings and goings of ships. Several pages were photocopied and the information from those pages will be added to this site eventually. Evidence confidence: Confident document is (was) real and written by a family member. Birth dates and ages align with family members and significant famiily events are listed through out.

This Family Tree begins with John James Grove who married Penelope Smith on 9th July 1811 in Lindridge, England. Evidence confidence: Confident - LDS M022961 374928


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