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Anne Grove 15 Aug 1813 - 12 Feb 1899

Evidence confidence: Definitive - Birth day and month given in Journal as well as age given on headstone and LDS C009912 497352:Christened at Weston under Lizard, Stafford England 20 Mar 1814

Gravestone at St. John the Evangelist in Sackville, Nova Scotia:

Anne Grove died February 12th, 1899, age 85 years

Anne arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the late 1830's, and established the Miss Grove School for Country Girls. In 1840, Anne moved her school for girls to a house on"Albermarle Street"(now Market Street) in Halifax.

On November 19, 1840 the following advertisement was published in
The Novascotian:

Miss Grove has taken the house lately occupied by Major Bayers in Albermarle Street and has removed her school there. Miss Grove intends to take a limited number of boarders whose moral and intellectual improvement will form the objects of her constant care. Their health will be attended to and they will be required to take constant and regular exercise.

It is possible that this was the opening of her first school, but the wording 'has removed her school there' implies the school existed prior to that date.

Later in 1845, Anne Grove purchased a building at 97 Hollis Street in Halifax, and moved the school there. All four sisters were working at this school in the late 1860's. I don't have the full source for the following information at the moment, but it is likely related to the partial deed transcript below:

In January 1981, Robert Harvey wrote in the Journal of Education Vol 7, Number 1:

  Anne Grove bought a three-storey, brick building at the corner of Hollis and Salter Streets, in Halifax from the Honourable Henry Hezekiah Cogswell, prominent Lawyer, Politician, and Banker. The selling price for the building was 1,850 pounds and Anne mortgaged all but 100 pounds with the vendor. At this location the Misses (sic) Grove settled in to create"an exclusive finish school for girls of country districts". Charles Rufus Fairbank sold the double property to Cogswell in 1837. Their house as recorded by Dr. T.B. Atkins was built as an one half of a double house around 1820 by the Fairbank's family. The house was on the corner of the main Fairbank Estate which faced the harbour. The Grove school was two doors south of the Halifax Hotel when it was opened.

Anne Grove Hon. Henry
H. Cogswell Magd: 3 Oclock
P.M. 22nd July 1845 - oath of
J.J. Shannon

This Indenture made the twelfth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & forty five Between Anne Grove of Halifax in the Province of Nova Scotia Spinster of the one part - and the Honorable Henry H. Cogswell of the same place Lawyer of the other part. witnesseth that for & in Consideration of the sum of one thousand seven hundred & fifty pounds of lawful money of Nova Scotia to the said Anne Grove in hand well & truly paid by the said Henry H. Cogswell at or before the sealing & delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknow- ledged, She the said Anne Grove hath granted, bargained sold, aliened, enfoeffed, released & confirmed by these present doth grant bargain, sell, alieane, enfeoff, lease & confirm unto the said Henry H Cogswell his heirs, assigns, forever all that piece, parcel, and lot of land messuage & tenament situate lying & being in the City of Halifax at the corner formed by Hollis & Salter Streets, described as follows that is to say beginning at the said corner & running from thence hath on the east side of Hollis Street, twenty nine feet five inches thence easterly according to the partition line dividing the brick building ninety feet thence southerly continue parallel with Hollis Street twenty nine feet five inches more or less to Salter Street thence westerly on the north side of Salter Street ninety feet to the place of beginning with the right to him the said Henry H. Cogswell his executors, administrators & assigns to have hold uphold, occupy, possess & enjoy the North wall of the brick building now standing in the rear of the house, which wall encroaches a few inches over the north side of the lot hereby conveyed, up to its present north boundary for such & so long a time as the said wall shall remain standing thereon & no longer and also all houses, outhouses, buildings, trees, waters, water courses, easements, profits, commodities, hereditaments & appurtenances whatsoever to the said lot piece or parcel of land & premises belonging or in any wise appertaining or to or with the same usually occupied or enjoyed or accepted, reputed, taken, or known as part parcel or member thereof - and the reversion & reversions remainder & remainders, yearly and other rents, issues & profits thereof & of every part thereof - and also, all the estate, right, title interest, use, trust, inheritance, property claim & demand whatsoever both at law & in equity of him (sic) the said Anne Grove of in to & out of the said lot, piece or parcel of land & premises hereby granted or mentioned or intended so to be or any of them or any part parcel or member thereof with them & every of their appur- tenances - to have and to hold the said lot, piece or parcel of land & all & singular other the appurtances hereby .ranted or mentioned or intended so to be,& every part & parcel thereof with the appurtenances unto the said Henry H. Cogswell his heirs & assigns to the only proper & absolute use and behoof of the said Henry H. Cogswell & his heirs & assigns forever provided nevertheless that if the said Ann Grove her heirs, executors or administrators do & shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid to the said Henry H. Cogswell his heirs, executors adminstrators or assigns the full & just sum of one thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds & interest upon the (1wd) at six per cent, per (annum), (1wd) the year from the date here of / all (prov isions) for insurance against damage or loss by fire to the amount of fifteen hundred pounds upon the bui- lding standing upon the said premises in manner and form as the same is secured to be paid by a certain bond or obligation under the hands and seals of the said Anne Grove & William Grove ...ving (3wds) with these presents, then the foregoing indenture to be void, other else & remain in full force & virtue, & the said Ann Grove doth for herself her heirs, executors and administrators by these presents grant, covenant, & agree to with the said Henry H. Cogswell his piers, executors, admi nistrators & assigns in manner & form following, that is to say, that whenever any default shall happen to be made by the said Anne Grove her heirs, executors or administrators in the payment of the principal or interest monies aforesaid performing the said conditions of the said obligations then and from thenceforth & as often as such default shall accept said lot or parcel of land, dwelling house & premises hereinbefore described & conveyed or intended so to be and every part & parcel thereof, shall & lawfully may from time to time & at all times thereafter remain, continue & be to and for the use of the said Henry H. Cogswell & his heirs and assigns & he by him & them & every of them peaceably and quietly held used occupied enjoyed without any lawful let suit, trouble, molestation & interruption whatsoever from or by any person or persons whomsoever lawfully or equitiably claiming the same or any parcel thereof or any state therein, and that She the said Anne Grove her heirs, executors or administrators shall & forthwith there after release, convey & confirm unto the said Henry H. Cogswell his heirs, executors administrators & assigns all claim, rights & interest in the equity of redemption in to or of the said premises & every part thereof. In witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto their hands & seals subscribed & set the day & year here before written.
Signed Sealed & delivered in presence
of J.J. Shannon - James Grove } Anne Grove

Anne is the prime suspect as author of"Little Grace, or Scenes in Nova Scotia", which was published in 1846. The book was designed as a"history"aid, and was probably used as required reading at the school.

  Directories for Halifax from 1864-1880 at national archives website makes various references to the Grove School in these later years:

            Groves Miss
            Groves Miss Elizabeth
            Groves Misses
            Grove Miss Elizabeth
            Groves Miss E
            Grove Misses
            And describes the entries as:

            Ladies’ seminary
            Boarding school
            School teacher
            (no job title)     

            The address changed in the directories from 97 Hollis in 1864-72
      to 91 Hollis for 1873-80.
             Penelope is listed in the 1864/65 directory.
            James & William are listed at 33 South Park in 1866/67

        William is listed as a bookkeeper a full year after he died in Sep 1870 and is
 therefore found in the 1871/72 listing.

Like all her sisters, Anne did not marry.



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